How does it work?


Our webshop consists of a collection of approved stallions from which you can order semen directly. Ordering a covering on Onlinestallions is done via a few simple steps:

1. Sign in/ log in as mare owner

It starts with creating an account. Top right you will find the button ‘Register – Log in mare owners’. Create your account here, register your mares and save your details.Make sure that you fill in your details accurately.

2. Choosing the right stallion

Then you search for the right stallion for your mare. You do this via the page ‘Search for stallion’. We also offer the option to compare stallions with each other. You can also use our user-friendly advice tool. By answering a few simple questions you are shown a summary of stallions that match your choices. It is non-binding advice, it is of course possible to choose a different stallion if you wish.

3. Choose stud

WaOnce you are on the page of the stallion that meets your wishes, you can choose the stud from which you want to order the covering and at which your mare will be inseminated. As soon as you have made your choice regarding stud then you will be shown whether your order will incure any shipment costs. Click on ‘Order covering’.

4. Place order

You then see a summary of your order. It is not possible to order more than one covering at a time. Each covering ordered must be coupled to just one mare. If you agree with the order details click on ‘Proceed to payment’.

5. Payment

In order to be able to place an order with Onlinestallions you need an account. The advantage of having an account is that the system retains your details which means that ordering via the webshop is faster and easier. Follow the steps regarding payment. You can indicate here the mare for which you are ordering the covering and at which address your mare is stabled. On completion of payment you will receive a confirmation e-mail from us. The stud owner you chose will contact you to make an appointment to inseminate your mare. Together you can decide whether the insemination will take place at the stud or at the yard at which your mare is stabled.